Work with Energy in a Positive Direction

In the science and especially in psychics the work is supposed to be a product. It acts by force through the distance it acts. This is explained in all the physics books in the college final year education. It is clearly informed in the mathematical way guidelines to calculate by you. From this you can calculate the Work with Energy easily. For positive work you need to work in the same direction to get the positive energy. The negative you need to work in the opposite side direction by this way you can the Work with Energy. In that case, positive or negative you will be working with a direction and the work will not be affected and you will continue and finish your work successfully.

This could be very simply explained this way. If you are working in a production company and looking after the component production, you will be missing some components and it will be out of shape. However, you need to correct and send to the managerial staff. While on the positive energy you can complete all your production. In other case when you find the negative feeling in your mind and finding hard to complete the day production, you can stop your job. This time you can take up the correction products. You can correct all the products which you missed some time back. Now once you are bright ignorantly you will get the positive energy. This time, you can start freshly your production work again. This Work with Energy will not stop your working.


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