Interesting Information About Clairvoyant Psychics

In France the Clairvoyant word is used for the extra sense apart from the regular human senses. The clair means clear or very clear, voyant means vision. In whole it is clear vision. This is extremely different from telepathy. Clairvoyant is identifying events or an incident took place long back. Even for the present events and incidents are identified by the person with this sense. This can be called as seventh sense of the human being.

This is not transform things from one mind to another mind. This clairvoyant is seeing the event very naturally but without going to that place. The extra sense of Clairvoyant could be gained by any person by a proper training from a guru. Some people get this sense right from their birth. The will inform the previous incidents exactly without their present at that time. They could also communicate with dead. The art of Clairvoyant is not found in many places. Still there are some Clairvoyants available and they are helping the public with their extra sense and saving the public from the dangers. Those clairvoyants also able to identify the dangerous things are going to happen after some time. They warn the people well before that and save people. Recently in the year 2005 a person identified the tsunami and warned the local village people and saved the villagers from their death by asking them to move away from the sea for some time. Many people lives are saved by his golden advice.