Psychic reading involves an attempt to discern information through improved perceptive abilities. There are various ways through which psychics foretell the future and read information.Astrology is a form of divine perception based on alignment of sun, moon, planets and fixed stars. Through these arrangements, one is able to foretell the seasons ahead. This method has been in use as early as the existence of mankind and was useful in determining planting seasons and future happening in a community. Another type of reading is known as aura reading which involves ability to see and sense individual surrounding. It involves the use of energy from the immediate environment to perceive objects and anything within the surrounding.

The third type of psychic reading is termed as cartomancy which involves fortune telling using a deck of cards. It is a common method and in most cases referred to as tarot reading. The other type is known as distant reading which involves perception through letters, telephone, messagesĀ  and email. The invention of telephone and advancement in modern technology has made it possible for respondents to receive updates easily. One can receive information on their horoscopes and expected incidences before they occur. Another old technique is called lithomancy which involves using suitable stones. The stones are immersed in water and their movement observed.

Numerology is the reading of an individual using numbers. The information used include date of birth, letters in names and even the number of letters in the name. This method is commonly used to determine one’s fate in love, relationship and business. Another popular method which has been in use is palm reading. It involves foretelling of one’s future through study of lines, shapes, wrinkles and curves in the palm. This technique is often used to tell whether one will be successful in the future be it in business, marriage or social life. The arrangement of lines in the palm often varies from one person to another and so it is believed that the future holds differently for each human being. The other type is psychometry which involves physical contact with one’s possession. A psychic can use this to locate a missing person by holding an item which the person liked. This method has always proved useful especially for those troubled by the absence of a family member.