Numerology Psychic Information

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and the occurrence of events in a given environment. Today,  numerology is associated with magical arts.

Number definitions

In numerology, there is no given definition of any number/digits. Below are some of the common definitions of digits.

  1. Self/individual.
  2. Balance, partnership.
  3. Creation.
  4. Interaction.
  5. Action, life experience.
  6. Home, responsibility.
  7. Thought, spirit.
  8. Power.
  9. Great change.

Alphabetic systems

There are different ways of assigning numerical values in neurology. Below is the Jewish way of assigning numerical to the alphabets.

  1. =s, j, a.
  2. =k, t, b.
  3. =u, l, c.
  4. = v m d
  5. = w, n ,e
  6.  =x, o, f.
  7. = y, p, g.
  8. = z, q, h.
  9.  =i, r.


A horoscope is the astrological diagram showing the position of the heavenly bodies such as the moon and the sun at the moment when one is born. These diagrams are therefore used for divination in according to the traditions of the astrologers.

Vocabularies in western astrology

  1. Native describes the event being discussed at a given time and area.
  2. Celestial sphere describes the imaginary sphere where the zodiac and the planets rotate.
  3. The equator refers to the projection of the equator’s plane to the outer space.
  4. The ecliptic plane refers to the definition of the sun and the earth’s orbit.

The four angles of horoscopes are as follows:

  1.  First house which refers to the place where the sun rises.
  2. Tenth house.
  3. Seventh house.
  4. Fourth house.

How to construct a horoscope:

  1. Write down the exact time an event has taken place.
  2. Convert the time into local time so that you can place it at the appropriate house.
  3. Then consult the ephemeris to show you the location of heavenly bodies such as the moon.