Famous Psychics

Lucy Hale

Lucy was born on 02/05/1913. She grew up attending spiritual churches. In her early life she had not discovered her abilities until at a later age. Lucy Hale practiced as a medium for 41 years.

At the age of 25 years a lady known as Win, a spiritualist, introduced her to psychic reading. She became interested to the contacting of the spirits.

Mostly she is remembered for speaking with the dead and also being able to foretell about people’s future by placing hands on them.

All her works are reserved in the church. Throughout her career she never accepted any money and she offered her services freely.

Char Maglois

Char was born in 1951 and discovered her abilities at the age of 8 years. Today, she is known for talking with the dead. She has featured in several shows like The View and also in the programs like The Insider.

She has also authored two books. She has organized several workshops all over the world to help people elevate spiritually and emotionally. She helps people to understand their psychic powers and abilities. She also teaches on how one can have courage to develop their abilities and on how to nurture them.

Her aim is to make people not to fear death and also not to fear the living.

Jeane Dixon

Jeane was born in 1904 at Germany. Her abilities were recognized by gypsy when Dixon was at the age of 8 years.

Her predictions include the following;

  1. The assassination of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. The at the Apollo rocket.
  3. Franklin Roosevelt death.
  4. The death of Luther King.

She got into prominence when she predicted about the death of India’s partition and the death of John Kennedy. She has also written several books.