Psychics are persons who posses special abilities. These psychic gifts go beyond normal reasoning of human beings and also beyond the science of logic. The psychics have special abilities to read individuals and know their strengths, limitations, personality and look into their past and future. The most common form of psychic reading is one on one consultation.

Due to the advancement in technology, psychic readings can be done without the actual presence of the person consulting. This is what is referred to as distant physic reading. Examples of distant psychic reading are those done over the phone or online. Different from normal or regular physic reading which are done with both the reader and the person being read. Client being present, distant reading does not require the actual presence of both the seer and the person consulting.

Distance psychic reading works just like the normal physic reading except for the fact that the distance reading is more intensive and therefore require more expertise. A psychic reader gathers all the energy around him and connects it to the energy around the person being read regardless of space and time. This is known as channeling. Channeling enables the psychic to develop a third eye which he uses to see and read his client regardless of the distance separating them. This type of projection requires a powerful and an advanced psychic reader to be performed.

Distance psychic reading is becoming very popular lately. Most seers confess that they are more at ease giving the readings as long distance than doing it face to face. They claim that the readings are very accurate from the feedback they get from their clients and also it has enabled them to serve clients all over the world without the limitation of time and distance.