How to Get a ‘Real’ Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is done by a psychic who reads your energy and gives you guidance to solve an issue or problem in your life. It is important to deal with a ‘real’ psychic and not some fake who is only after your money. There are certain criteria you can look for in determining how your can get a real psychic to do a legitimate psychic reading for you.

You must understand that a psychic will not be able to give you the winning lottery numbers, or the guaranteed winners of sporting events. If a psychic were able to do that, they would be winning the lottery for themselves and not be doing psychic readings for the small amount of money they may charge.

A psychic tries to read your energy, your soul or your aura to help guide you on a path towards solving a problem you may be facing. They may be able to give you a direction to follow that may not have occurred to you before. But, the choice of following the advice they give you is up to you. You have free will and are free to follow, or not follow, the guidance the psychic offers.

A real psychic will not charge a substantial amount of money or guarantee their results. They cannot guarantee their predictions with 100% accuracy. They are not God, and the final decisions you make are up to you and can alter the psychic prediction.

When you are presenting your problem to the psychic, it is up to you to be totally honest and give the psychic all the information they need to get a ‘true’ reading. You should not play games with the psychic by giving false information ‘just to test them’. Any good psychic will be on to your game and will be upset by your lack of confidence in them, and as a result may not be able to give you a good psychic reading.

You also need to be comfortable with the person doing your psychic reading. As with anything in life, not all personalities mesh together well. We all meet people in life that we don’t get along with. You need to pick a psychic that you feel comfortable with and that you feel you have a trusting relationship with. If the psychic you choose does not seem to fit in well with your own personality, then tell them and choose another. Most psychics will be happy to refund your money and refer you to someone else if this is the case.

You must have an open mind when you have your psychic reading done. You may not like everything you hear, but you should be open to the possibilities and guidance that the psychic offers. If you present negative energy into the psychic reading experience (like thinking upfront that all psychics are ‘fake’) that may inhibit the psychic’s ability to get a good reading from you.

During your psychic reading, if you have questions or are unclear as to what the psychic is trying to tell you, simply ask them to clarify what they mean. Come prepared with questions you would like answered, but be prepared for answers you may not have considered. And, if you are not prepared to hear the truth about something, don’t ask the question.

A psychic reading should be a good experience. You should come out of the reading with choices, new directions on a path to follow, new ways to think about your concerns and guidance about issues in your life. What you do with the information from your personal psychic reading is up to you. If you choose to follow up on the information from your psychic reading, you may find your path in life a little easier.